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Wildwood, Missouri in Wildwood, Missouri


Wildwood, Missouri

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Wildwood, Missouri was incorporated on September 1, 1995. A group of citizens had a design for the destiny of their community and chose to start their own city where they could affect the decisions of their local government; they called their city Wildwood.
The residents who were living in the area now named Wildwood, were unincorporated and had petitioned the Missouri Supreme Court for permission to place the option to incorporate before the voters in the community. The voters approved.
The city of Wildwood designed a plan for their community and named a goal for their city: Planning Tomorrow Today. Wildwood planned out its governmental system in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of the primary characteristics that make the community unique. The topography and native woodlands, as well as the abundant open space and rural roadways are to be preserved while still allowing for the future growth and development of the community. This is a lofty goal. Wildwood also claims as one of its goals the desire to maintain an estate lifestyle with excellent school systems and superb services.
The residents of Wildwood are serious about these goals, however lofty they may seem. Wildwood has hired the top professionals in the field for planning and designing a community that is capable of reaching these goals. The community of Wildwood has set up planned services for its citizens, including a public works policy that emphasizes maintenance and repair of capital improvements, while planning for construction of capital improvements that will meet the needs of Wildwood’s residents tomorrow.
Wildwood is working to implement an interactive process of governments where the public can engage its leaders and stay involved in the decisions that affect the people of Wildwood. The people of Wildwood maintain a commitment to a planned community that provides a range of services to all of its citizens, including housing and employment opportunities for all.
The Wildwood Historical Society was formed in 1999 with goals to collect and preserve the historical artifacts of the city of Wildwood, Missouri. They are in the process of collecting stories and photographs as well as other documentation that contributes to the understanding of the historical development of the area now known as Wildwood, Missouri. The Wildwood Historical Society produces a newsletter for citizens to learn about and understand the history of their community. In 2009, the Wildwood Historical Society purchased the Hencken Place farm, including all the buildings; the hold meetings in the Chicken Coop and have plans for a library and genealogical center.
By 2011, the city of Wildwood appeared to be thriving with babysitting classes posted at the City Hall, a community college putting on a Christmas play, a website, e-news and trash pick-up; all signs of a vibrant community. Wildwood has a group designing a community garden among other activities and programs going on through the parks and recreation department. The people of Wildwood continue to seek volunteers for boards and commissions and the city planning process is an ongoing journey for the people of Wildwood.

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