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Promotional Products Dealer in Saint Clair County, Illinois


Saint Clair County, Illinois

If you are searching for a Promotional Products Dealer in or around Saint Clair County, Illinois we would love to talk to you. We are located in the Metro East and are able to meet, either in person or over the phone to discuss your promotional product options. We have designed hundrends of promotional products in the last five years and several of them are located in Saint Clair County, Illinois. We offer custom promotional product to the Saint Clair County, Illinois area. Unlike typical promotional product dealers we do not use templates. We have a unique promotional product process that we utilize to find out what you like and don' tike. Contact Us Today, since you are located in Saint Clair County, Illinois we are close enough for you to meet at our office or we can meet at yours. We look forward to talking to you.

Saint Clair County is the oldest county in the state of Illinois. Saint Clair County was named after General Saint Clair. Throughout out its history the state of Illinois has changed hands many times, and with it the land that would come to be known as Saint Clair County. Explorers from Florida and then Virginia and then France would claim the land for their state or country of origin. After the French and Indian War, the land that is now Saint Clair County was under British rule until the Revolutionary War. After that, Saint Clair County became part of the land known as the Northwest Territory.
In 1800, the Indiana territory was organized and Illinois became part of that until 1809 when the Illinois Territory was established. The early settlers of the Illinois Territory and Saint Clair County were explorers and missionaries bringing the Gospel to the wilderness. Starting in 1673, Pere Marquette and Jolliet, French missionaries, traveled by canoe down the Mississippi River. By 1675, Marquette was meeting with the Illinois Indians and preaching mass. Marquette left the area due to poor health and other missionaries took his place to reach the people of Illinois and Saint Clair County, as well as the rest of the lands along the Mississippi River.
Cahokia started out as a mission that attracted many people and in 1795 became the county seat of Saint Clair County. Many of the towns in the Illinois territory were established by French immigrants who traveled from Canada. The people of Saint Clair County traded with other communities along the Mississippi River including those from New Orleans.
The French settlers of Saint Clair County had generally friendly relations with their Algonquin Indian neighbors. This allowed them to avoid war and massacres that were common along the Atlantic coast. The white settlers and red natives of Saint Clair County live peacefully for nearly one hundred years, with no government and no court systems. In the early days of Saint Clair County, church leadership was called upon to settle disagreements.
As the area of Saint Clair County was primarily settled by the French, its growth slowed after the French and Indian War when the British took over control of the area. As of October, 1765 Fort Chartres became a stronghold for the British and no longer for the French. The British had taken control and ownership of the American lands two years earlier, but since the Illinois Territory wasn’t seen to have a lot of value, they didn’t bother to take possession of it until 1765.
The estimated three thousand people at the mission near Cahokia in Saint Clair County were discouraged by the change of government and many of the missionaries left the area and moved back to France. One French settler, M. Gerardine stayed and purchased the plantation, saw mill and grist mill from the mission of Saint Sulspice at Prairie Dupont. The first governmental document created for the Illinois Territory granted rights to the settlers of the area including Saint Clair County.

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