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Promotional Products Dealer in Saint Charles County, Missouri


Saint Charles County, Missouri

If you are searching for a Promotional Products Dealer in or around Saint Charles County, Missouri we would love to talk to you. We are located in the Metro East and are able to meet, either in person or over the phone to discuss your promotional product options. We have designed hundrends of promotional products in the last five years and several of them are located in Saint Charles County, Missouri. We offer custom promotional product to the Saint Charles County, Missouriarea. Unlike typical promotional product dealers we do not use templates. We have a unique promotional product process that we utilize to find out what you like and don' tike. Contact Us Today, since you are located in Saint Charles County, Missouri we are close enough for you to meet at our office or we can meet at yours. We look forward to talking to you.

Saint Charles County, Missouri is a thriving community that sits twenty miles to the west of Saint Louis, Missouri along the banks of the Missouri River. The neighboring city of Saint Louis is known throughout the world by its famous Gateway Arch, the ‘Gateway to the West’. But, that title could have just as easily belonged to the City of Saint Charles.
Saint Charles County welcomed settlers from the east and from farther away in Europe. Many of the original settlers in Saint Charles County stayed had families and their ancestors still reside there. Others traveled through, made a mark upon the land and then moved on.
Louis Blanchette built his hunting and trapping business north of the spot where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi River in 1769. Other hunters soon joined him in the land that would become Saint Charles County. In 1791, the Spanish Lieutenant Governor of the Louisiana Territory, Manual Perez started the village of San Carlos Borromeo.
Starting in the middle of the 1790’s, migration to the Saint Charles County from the states of Kentucky and Tennessee was extensive. Many of these settlers traveled through Saint Charles County and some of them stayed.
William Clark and his traveling partner Meriwether Lewis left Saint Charles to head out on their famous journey from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean in May of 1804.
William Clark, yes, the same William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame, was the Governor of Missouri in 1812. Clark established the District of Saint Charles during that year. The District of Saint Charles, as established by Governor William Clark stretched from the Missouri River to the Canadian border. The Mississippi River served as its border on the east, and the western border was not reached until the Pacific Ocean. The District of Saint Charles included all of the states that today are Minnesota and Iowa. The District of Saint Charles included sections of the states today known as Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Washington and Oregon, as well as parts of both North and South Dakotas.
Another famous traveler through this area was Daniel Boone. The pioneer was one of the first to settle in Saint Charles County. Boone traveled in 1795 from Kentucky. Boone lived in Saint Charles County from 1795 until he died in 1820. The still standing Boone home, built by Daniel’s son Nathan is popular site for tourists to Saint Charles County. The state of Missouri was admitted into the Union the following year. In 1821, Saint Charles was selected as the first capital of the new state of Missouri.
During many of the years that the United States was expanding westward, the City of Saint Charles and Saint Charles County was a major terminal for travelers from the east to catch railroad lines and stagecoach lines that would carry the westward travelers and their supplies to the heads of the Oregon Trail, the Santa Fe Trail in Kansas City and the Santa Fe Trail in Saint Joseph. Saint Charles County has served as an integral part of the history of the United States and its westward expansion.

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