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Promotional Products Dealer in Creve Coeur, Missouri


Creve Coeur, Missouri

If you are searching for a Promotional Products Dealer in or around Creve Coeur, Missouri we would love to talk to you. We are located in the Metro East and are able to meet, either in person or over the phone to discuss your promotional product options. We have designed hundrends of promotional products in the last five years and several of them are located in Creve Coeur, Missouri. We offer custom promotional product to theCreve Coeur, Missouri area. Unlike typical promotional product dealers we do not use templates. We have a unique promotional product process that we utilize to find out what you like and don' tike. Contact Us Today, since you are located in Creve Coeur, Missouriwe are close enough for you to meet at our office or we can meet at yours. We look forward to talking to you.

The city of Creve Coeur, Missouri incorporated in 1949. The first Town Marshall of Creve Coeur was Clifford E. Brown. The people of Creve Coeur passed an ordinance in 1952 establishing the Creve Coeur Police Department. The first patrol officer was Joseph Murphy, who would later serve as the Captain of Police for the city of Creve Coeur.
In the 1950’s, the Creve Coeur Police Department was run by the Captain of Police, who served under the Town Marshall and a Board of Police Commissioners. The early Creve Coeur Police Department had two police cars and worked out of the City Hall, which was above a dry cleaning business.
The Creve Coeur Police Department found a new home in the Government Center on Olive Street in 1965. They were able to keep better records and develop a centralized dispatch at this new location.
When the City of Creve Coeur adopted the charter style of government, the structure of authority at the Police Department changed. In 1976, a Chief of Police was chosen to replace the Town Marshall of Creve Coeur and the Board of Police Commissioners became the Police Committee. The Police Committee of Creve Coeur works as an advisory board for the Chief of Police rather than overseers. In 1976, the Police Chief had twenty-four officers, two clerks and four dispatchers in the Creve Coeur Department.
According to town records, William Kisling and Robert Meir, who both had been Town Marshalls continued to serve the department on the Police Committee. The first Chief of Police in Creve Coeur was chosen in April, 1976; his name was Don Daniel.
Daniel had twenty years of experience with the Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he had served as both Captain of the Police Department and Director of the Police Academy. One of the first things the new Chief of Police did was to reorganize the command structure in the Creve Coeur Police Department. Chief Daniel wrote the Standard Operating Procedures Manual and established minimum requirements for incoming officers of the department, including requiring at least two years of college. The first motorcycle to be used by the Creve Coeur Police Department was purchased by Chief Daniel. He encouraged the start of a Department Crime Prevention Program and a Selective Enforcement Traffic Unit. In 1988, Chief Daniels retired from the Creve Coeur Police Department and was selected as the first official director for the Saint Louis County and Municipal Police Academy.
After Daniels retired, Richard Schnarr was appointed Chief of the Creve Coeur Police Department. Schnarr had served in the department for twenty years before taking on the role of Chief of Police. Schnarr was responsible for the start up of several community programs, like D.A.R.E., the Creve Coeur Joint Crime Prevention Partnership, and the Department Chaplains Committee.
The Crever Coeur Police Department moved again in 1989 to the new Government Center on Ballas Road. When Schnarr retired in 1997, the Creve Coeur Police Department had a staff of forty-five officers, three clerks and eight dispatchers.

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