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Promotional Products Dealer in Columbia, Illinois


Columbia, Illinois

If you are searching for a Promotional Products Dealer in or around Columbia, Illinois we would love to talk to you. We are located in the Metro East and are able to meet, either in person or over the phone to discuss your promotional product options. We have designed hundrends of promotional products in the last five years and several of them are located in Columbia, Illinois. We offer custom promotional product to the Columbia, Illinois area. Unlike typical promotional product dealers we do not use templates. We have a unique promotional product process that we utilize to find out what you like and don' tike. Contact Us Today, since you are located in Columbia, Illinois we are close enough for you to meet at our office or we can meet at yours. We look forward to talking to you.

In 1886, the land found just northwest of Belleville, Illinois was occupied primarily by farmers and traders. The area was filled with underground coal mines, foundries, brickyards and grain drills. When the town of Belleville attempted to annex the land and its farms and businesses, the independent residents quickly petitioned for the organization of their own village. The petition circulated through the territory and in December 1886 the village of New Swansea was born.
The village of Columbia, Illinois is located in St. Clair County seventeen miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1898 a three hundred dollar purchase was made for the property at the corner of Brackett and Illinois streets. This became the location for the Village Hall. The Swansea Government Center building is currently located at 1400 N. Illinois street. The new building was dedicated in 1986.
The people of Columbia, Illinois have two elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools. High school graduates from Swansea have access to higher education through Southwestern Illinois College, Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Saint Louis University and the University of Missouri in St. Louis. The Belleville Public Library is just two miles away from Swansea. Belleville is also home to the nearest hospital for the people of Columbia, Illinois.
Columbia, Illinois offers Gepperts Lake and Yoch Lake for residents and visitors alike. These lakes provide facilities for boating and fishing. The Wolf Branch Saint Clair Township Park provides a variety of recreational activities for its guests. Other attractions in the area include Frank Holten State Recreation Area and the O’Fallon Family History Center.  Visitors also enjoy the Holy Shaghagat Church and the Old Saint Clair County Cemetery.
The village of Swansea relied on Belleville for their fire protection until 1940, when the mayor at the time purchased a fire engine from St. Louis, Missouri. With that one truck and several volunteers, the fire department of Swansea had its humble beginnings.
The weather is generally moderate in Columbia, Illinois, but historically, they have experienced more tornado activity on average than much of the state. In 1959, and again in 1981, an F4 tornado landed within fifteen miles from Columbia, Illinois.
Today, there are nearly eleven thousand people who call Columbia, Illinois home. They enjoy a cost of living index of eighty-nine compared to the national average of one hundred. The residents of Columbia, Illinois also boast crime rates well below the national averages. The primary employment in Swansea is in construction and administration, but the village serves as a bedroom community to nearby metropolitan cities, particularly St. Louis, Missouri.
Transportation is provided for the people of Columbia, Illinois through the Metrolink Train Station located in Swansea. Commuters appreciate the amply lit parking lot where they can safely leave their vehicles and ride the comfortable trains from Scott Air Force Base to Lambert St. Louis International Airport. The trains make many stops throughout the metro area, meeting the transportation needs of its passengers. The nearest major airport to Columbia, Illinois is Scott Mid-America.

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