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Promotional Products Dealer in Clayton, Missouri


Clayton, Missouri

If you are searching for a Promotional Products Dealer in or around Clayton, Missouri we would love to talk to you. We are located in the Metro East and are able to meet, either in person or over the phone to discuss your promotional product options. We have designed hundrends of promotional products in the last five years and several of them are located in Clayton, Missouri. We offer custom promotional product to theClayton, Missouri area. Unlike typical promotional product dealers we do not use templates. We have a unique promotional product process that we utilize to find out what you like and don' tike. Contact Us Today, since you are located in Clayton, Missouriwe are close enough for you to meet at our office or we can meet at yours. We look forward to talking to you.

Clayton, Missouri today serves as the county seat of Saint Louis County. The city of Clayton is a close suburb of the city of Saint Louis. Clayton has a population of about sixteen thousand people. The city of Clayton started out in 1877, shortly after the City of Saint Louis organized itself as a separate entity from the rest of Saint Louis County. At that time the courts for the county had been within the city limits and suddenly were not in a city at all. Ralph Clayton and Martin Hanley, each donated some of their farmland for a new site for the County courts. The city of Clayton was named after Ralph Clayton as it was his land that the new courthouse would sit on. A total of one hundred four acres were donated by the two men, and today this land is home to the City of Clayton’s Central Business District.
A vote was taken on December 4, 1877 and it was decided that the land offered by Clayton and Hanley would be the site for the new County seat. Three thousand people came out to see the cornerstone laid for the new courthouse. Clayton gradually grew into a town. At first, it was not residential, but entrepreneurs opened businesses in the area to cater to the traffic flow in and out of the courthouse.
A newspaper and a schoolhouse were opened in Clayton in the 1880’s. In 1895, Clayton got an electric trolley service. The first major fire in Clayton happened in 1897 and prompted the people of the community to establish a volunteer fire department. By 1905, the city had public services like electricity, water and telephone lines. Clayton was incorporated as a city in 1913, and William Broadhead served as the first City Mayor.
By the beginning of the 1920’s, there was a growing trend of suburbanization as folks in Saint Louis longed to live outside the city. Smaller cities that had sprouted up over the years saw rapid population growth as people moved from the city of Saint Louis into the surrounding smaller towns, like Clayton, where they were attracted by the opportunity of a quieter and slower paced lifestyle while still being able to commute to the city quickly. The city of Clayton’s population more than doubled from 1920 to 1925; and its real estate values had tripled.
The city of Clayton was not hit as hard by the Depression as many other areas, as they did not have manufacturing or industries supporting their economy. The city of Clayton continued to develop and grow during the Depression, as Charles Shaw, the Mayor at the time initiated programs like Works Progress Administration, building Clayton Library and creating a public park.
Today, in the city of Clayton, the community maintains a commercial zone and Central Business District, but more than eighty percent of the real estate is residential or public park, where children and families can enjoy the recreation and nature that the city of Clayton has available to offer it residents and its visitors.

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