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facebook landing page


Custom Facebook Landing Pages are a critical part to every businesses social media strategy. The goal of any good facebook landing page is to entice the user to click the "like" button before they leave your fan page. We have the ablity to make facebook look "pretty" which will cause your Facebook page to entice your visitors to click the like button more often. ,instead of sending your clients to the boring wall on your facebook page we can redirect them to your custom Fan Page.

A custom Facebook Fan Page is setup so that if someone has not "liked" your Facebook page yet they will be automatically redirected to a custom landing page that can not only be used to sell your products and services but will increase the number of likes drastically.


Facebook Landing Page Receive a Custom Fan Page for a one time fee of $149.
This price includes two revisions and loading the design into Facebook for you
.Custom Facebook Fan Page
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Custom Facebook Pages

Facebook, the most wide spread social network, which connects the whole world. I think whatever you have or, not, you must have a Facebook account. But, the question is that, how smart are you in using Facebook? Well, you may be satisfied with your present Facebook profile or, Facebook page that contains a shabby white and, blue look with your picture at the top. Why not add some other colors?

There are two possible ways through which you can Customize your Facebook Page.

You can Customize your Facebook Page by using Facebook Banners. In order to use the Facebook Banners option you need to design a banner which should be vertical in form. This banner must not exceed 180 X 540 pixels and will appear usually in the middle. You need to replace your square photo with an advertisement banner at the left sidebar. This banner may include something special about your company, or, a company logo.

Another way to Customize your Facebook Page is to create Facebook landing pages with HTML coding. It is similar to the to a regular website. You are allowed to design the full Facebook Page through this option. You can add fashionable texts, buttons, sidebars, browsing bars, various graphical excellence as you wish. Facebook has given you full freedom to Customize a Facebook Page through HTML coding. Contact Us Today to take advantage of your Facebook Landing Page.

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Easy and Affordable Printing &  Marketing